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Property Under Renovation, and No longer Accepting Room Bookings
  • Lead Historic Homestake Opera House South Dakota
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Historic Homestake Opera House in Lead, SD

First opened in 1914, this opulent performing arts theater and recreation venue was funded by Phoebe Hearst, owner of the Homestake Gold Mine at the time. A center of the community in its heyday, the Opera House featured a 1,000-seat theater, a social hall, an indoor heated swimming pool, billiards, a bowling alley and a library. A devastating fire in 1984 almost ruined the building's rich history, which is now being restored to its former glory. Visitors can take a tour and see interpretive exhibits, or catch one of the 50 annual shows at the theater.


Prices -

  • Tours - $10 per person

Hours -

Spring 2019 - Tours available Tuesday through Saturday, 9AM - 3PM and by appointment.

Events -

  • Conference room available
  • Corporate Event rental
  • Wedding Venue rental


  • Historic Exhibits
  • Theater Tour
  • Downtown shopping & restaurants nearby


  • What kind of events is the Historic Homestake Opera House known for?

    Community theater productions and children’s plays, concerts, author receptions and seminars.
  • What’s the best way to get tickets to the Historic Homestake Opera House?

    Call 605-584-2067 for ticket information.

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